24/7   Worship is so much more than singing.  Music, prayer, preaching and the arts can all be used to minister to Yahweh and to others.  Yahweh is the author of them all.  Through worship, healing and deliverance come.  Praise and worship opens the door to the divine presence of Yahweh; that is why we must move from the point where we are just singing notes and words, to worship that brings deliverance, moves the eheart, and brings a message of hope, etc...  We have been called to worship in Spirit and in Truth.  This kind of worship moves past the natural to the supernatural.  True worship is a lifestyle; it’s 24/7.  We were created to worship. Have you been called to the worship Ministry? There is a need for capable individuals in behind the scenes roles such as sound, lighting, media, costume, make-up,  etc.  Together as a team we usher people into His presence and “heaven invades earth.”
Worshiping in Spirit & Truth
Vision  Whole-heartedly engage people in Spirit and Truth worship creating an atmoshphere for peiople to encounter Jesus.
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Growth  To raise up worshippers in every generation that will ignite a fire wherever they go.
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Drama               Dance -- Arts   
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