Welcome  We pray that when you come to Life of Worship, you will be changed by the power and presence of Yahweh and the truth of His Word.  To our knowledge, there is not another gathering of believers like this anywhere in the panhandle of Texas.  We know you are thinking you’ve heard this before.  What makes Life of Worship different than other places?  Here, we preach the whole Word of Yahweh and worship in Spirit and in Truth.  We want to see those that understand that His instruction manual should still be lived out today; and those that love to walk and worship in the Spirit, come together to worship Yeshua.  This is the end-time revival, as believers wake-up and begin to return to the roots of their faith.  This is the dry bones of Ezekiel coming together and rising up as an army.  Here at Life of Worship we will not compromise the truth.  We preach that we are saved by grace through faith in Yeshua; that’s the first step.  Yeshua then says “if you love me, you will keep my commands.”  It’s a love story of our bride-groom Yeshua calling out his brides.  God is sending those just like you, to match the assignment given to us by Yahweh.  People have come and joined  this work  because they are tired of the “game” of church as well as the compromise and are looking for something real, something  more.  “Worshiping God” is not just for a church service, but it is a lifestyle lived twenty-four hours a day seven days  a week.  A Life of Worship is life transforming.  It encompasses every part of one’s life.  We invite you to join us.  What an  incredible journey we will have, as we learn and grow together in Him, bringing life into places where drought has taken its  toll
Life of Worship
Walking in Spirit & Truth
Service Times Main Service is Sat. @ 5:00 PM  At main worship center                              Mon. Torah Talk @ 7 PM At main worship center Wednesdays - Dance @ 7 PM             At main worship center Saturdays @ 2:00 PM Torah Portion Review Prayer Room Hours:  
Join John & Sandi every Tuesday @ 8pm central. Join John & Sandi Craig live every Monday & Jonathan Craig every Tuesday as we pray.  Sumbit your prayer request with link. John Craigi is your Mon. host Sandi Craig is your Thurs host . Sunday-Thursday 8:30-10:00am c Archives for Life of Worship & “Walking in Spirit & Truth”. “Only Visiting This Planet” Friday’s -8:30-10am c Host Mark David Smith Co-host-Sandi Criag