Worshiping in Spirit & Truth
Statement of Faith  A condensed version of our statement of faith.
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Meet the Pastors  Pastors John and Sandra Craig are the founding Pastors of Life of Worship.
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Life of Worship Vision   It is our desire to see the tangible presence of Yahweh and the gifts of the Holy Spirit fill every service along with the Truth From the Word of Yahweh, so that each person who walks through the doors leaves differently than when they came in.  Through in-depth teaching, understanding the Hebraic culture and framework, as well as passionate worship; the heart is impacted for eternity.  We desire to see a fire and a passion for Yeshua (Jesus) ignited in every generation, so a lifestyle of true worship and seeking the truth in today’s culture is developed.  We desire to glorify the Father in every thought and idea that we present and to provide a place for truth seekers to ask hard questions and find solid, biblically based answers that are not skewed by denominational biases or prejudices. We encourage people to “think outside the denominational box”, to study the WHOLE of Scripture to show themselves approved, to use critical thinking when studying them and to know what they believe and why (I Pet. 3:18). We believe that worship is a powerful tool that can be used to usher in the presence of God for evangelizing our communities and bringing people together without barriers balanced with being obedient to the truth and being led by the Holy Spirit.  We want to demonstrate God’s unconditional love and transforming power to the people of the Amarillo and beyond.  We desire to “go where Yeshua goes, do what Yeshua does, and say what Yeshua says.”  Ministry flows from the Lord’s prayer, “Thy kingdom come ... on earth as it is in heaven.”  Thus we desire to equip every believer to flow in their calling with  signs and wonders following them wherever they go, just as Yeshua did.