Valerie Moody   Valerie Moody is the founder of Hebrew Discovery Ministries  which is dedicated to restoring authentic faith according to Acts  3:21. She is committed to teaching with a Hebraic understanding  of scripture, and leading others to a deeper love of God and His  Messiah Yeshua. She is a television Bible teacher and a co- founder of the Hebraic Roots Network, an internet-based Hebrew  roots television station.  She is the author of The Feasts of Adonai, Why Christians Should  Look at the Biblical Feasts, Seven Voices of the End Times,  Secrets of the Menorah, and My Big Fat Greek Mindset. Her CD  recordings include Hebraic perspectives on redemption, spiritual  renewal, the feast days, and prophecy. Valerie holds a BFA degree from Northwest Missouri State  University, with graduate studies in Public Relations and Business  Law at University of Texas and St. Edward’s University. Her  paintings have won numerous first- and second-place awards,  and appear in art collections across America. Valerie leads The Footsteps of the Covenants tour in March 2014  to follow the footsteps of the Ancient Israelites. The tour begins  in Moses’ wilderness tabernacle near Eilat, and continues up the  Kings Highway to Mount Nebo. It stops at Mount Gerizim where  Israel confirmed God’s covenants. Her tour explores the Galilee  where Yeshua applied the covenants. It finishes in Jerusalem,  where Yeshua died and resurrected to bring people back to the  covenants of God.     
Valerie Moody