Drama   The Church must speak to people where thy are at, using media and other mondern forms of expression.  This doesn’t mean the Church must compromise.  Yahweh created music and the visual expressions of the Arts for us to express Him here on earth.  It’s time the Believers take back what the enemy has stolen!  We must speak to the generations with the speech of today.  Drama, dance, flags, music, prayer, the Word of God, etc. are all part of our services, evangelism, and ministering to Yahweh at Life of Worship.   Have you been called to the Worship Ministry? There is a need for capable individuals in behind the scenes roles such as sound, lighting, media, costume, make-up,  etc.  Together as a team we usher people into His presence and “heaven invades earth.
Worshiping in Spirit & Truth
Vision  Whole-heartedly engage people in Spirit and Truth worship creating an atmoshphere for peiople to encounter Jesus.
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Growth  To raise up worshippers in every generation that will ignite a fire wherever they go.
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Worship           Dance -- Arts   
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