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Dr. Hollisa Alewine teaches a framework of the Bible called “The Creation Gospel“, the key concepts and symbols of which are found from Genesis to Revelation. Through these symbols, Doctor Alewine teaches and elaborates upon the concepts and themes found in the Torah (the Five Books of Moses), the Psalms, the writings of the Jewish prophets and the New Testament). Dr. Hollisa Alewine has her B.S. and M.Ed. from Texas A&M and a Doctorate from Oxford Graduate School. She is the author of Standing with Israel and The Creation Gospel workbook series. She is a student and teacher of the Word of God. She specializes in adult curriculum and instruction, especially in the correctional setting. Dr. Alewine invites those who would like to become teachers of The Creation Gospel to attend a teacher-training seminar and complete the test for certification. What she will be sharing with us DECODING REVELATION FROM THE BEGINNING Misinterpretation of the Book of Revelation is common when the Torah is not the foundation. Unlock the symbols of Revelation from Genesis: the 7-branched menorah, the wilderness, the woman and the serpent, merchant cargoes, the beast and the man (666), seals, four horseman, altar judgments, linen, rivers, horns, Lion of Judah, missing tribes, etc. We’ll use the hermeneutic used by Messiah Yeshua, “In the beginning, it was not so…”
Dr. Hollisa Alewine