Dance   Psalm 149:3  “Let them praise His name with dancing and make music with tambourine and harp.:”  Drama, dance, media, flags, tambourine, etc. are great ways to preach the Gospel and minster the Word of God.  Breaking with tradition, each of those art forms reach across cultural and political barriers.   They can break through the walls of people’s hearts which can’t be torn down with other witnessing.  These art forms allow Yawhe’s Word to reach all the senses and be understood in a deeper way.  LOW uses Hebraic dance, hip- hop, ballet and other dance forms to minister.  All ages have joined this ministry.   Have you been called to the Worship Ministry? There is a need for capable individuals in behind the scenes roles such as sound, lighting, media, costume, make-up,  etc.  Together as a team we usher people into His presence and “heaven invades earth.”
Worshiping in Spirit & Truth
Vision  Whole-heartedly engage people in Spirit and Truth worship creating an atmoshphere for peiople to encounter Jesus.
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Growth  To raise up worshippers in every generation that will ignite a fire wherever they go.
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Drama                  Worship   
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