Bishop Salamat Khokhar is a Hebrew Roots Teacher, crusades speaker and healing evangelist in Pakistan and abroad. He comes f
rom  a fourth generation Christian family believing in Messiah Yeshua in a country called ‘Castle of Islam.” In 2000, he started Grace Bible Church  of Pakistan, and since that time 108 other Pakistani congregations have  been birthed through his ministry. God is using him throughout the world to display His love and power through divine healing and miracles.  Bishop Khokhar has been teaching and preaching the Hebrew Roots of our faith in Messiah LORD Jesus Christ since 2009
 God called Salamat to His ministry at the age of 12. But, he rejected God’s call and pursued his personal dream of becoming a successful businessman. Twenty-two years later, God brought him to the end of himself. Salamat finally surrendered his life, his will, and his ambitions to the will of the LORD Jesus Christ – Yeshua HaMashiach. His wife Cecelia, and their four children are actively involved in his ministry.
  Immediately after beginning his ministry in May 1999, God began to use him in healing, miracles and deliverance. He has a clear vision and a burning desire to see the nations blessed through worldwide revival, especially in the Western World. Bishop Khokhar travels to the United States and other countries bringing the message of salvation, Torah, true (Hebraic) roots of Christian faith and healing power of LORD Jesus Christ — the Jewish Messiah. In spite of becoming a target of much discrimination and persecution in a land that remains predominantly Muslim, God’s great favor and protection over him and his ministry have allowed many to experience miraculous healing.
 Bishop Salamat is the spokesman for the Evangelical Churches in Pakistan. In this capacity, he has great favor with the Pakistani government and is often invited to speak at government events. He serves as the Chairman of the All Pakistan Council of Churches, an independent association of evangelical churches. Bishop Salamat is also the current President of an  organization called Voice of Minorities Pakistan.
 In obedience  to God’s call to go to America, Bishop Salamat has ministered coast to coast in USA and thousands have been healed, restored and received their  miracles through the Healing Ministries of Bishop Salamat Khokhar. He welcomes opportunities to preach God’s Word and pray for the sick and wounded worldwide. Bishop Salamat Khokhar desires to see the nations blessed with divine healing and salvation as they turn their hearts to their Heavenly Creator. He responds to God’s high calling as a simple servant, and welcomes all calls. Feel free to contact him at the address  below.
Bishop Salamat Khokhar
Bishop Salamat Khokhar Operates in Healing, Miracles & Deliverance April 21 @ 5 PM