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Pastor John Craig  Pastor John Craig is the founding Sr. Pastor at LOW.   He wants to reach and teach people with the understanding of their Hebraic heritage and roots so that Judah (Jews) & Ephriam (10 lost tribes) may know the spiritual reality of being one in the Messiah Yeshua. His heart is to raise up a generation of believers who have been touched by the  power of Yahweh and have a passion to reach the world for Yeshua (Jesus) and the whole Word of God.  The truth of the whole Word,  understanding Hebraic culture, the Hebrew language and worship are foundational for us becoming who we were created to be.  He  desires to reach the lost and restore the wounded through ministry and see the gifts of the Spirit (Ruach HaKodesh) restored in the  Church.  Pastor John wants to see the people of YHWH walk in the power and authority they have through Yeshua, so men and women  young and old can, “go where Yeshua goes, do what Yeshua does, and say what Yeshua says.”   Pastor John has been a pastor for over 20 years.  He graduated from OSU and then attended Christ for the Nations.  He has a vision for 24/7  prayer and worship.  He loves to hang out with his family, mountain bike, hike, ski, and golf.   Most of all he loves to sit around and talk  about what God is doing